Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lyrics for Fayruz, "Zahrat al-Mada'in (The flower of cities)"

These are excerpts, from Joseph Massad's article, "Liberating Songs"

It is for you that I pray, O city of prayers
For you I pray, O Jerusalem

The gate of our city shall not be locked,
For I shall got to pray.
I shall knock at the gates,
And I shall open up the gates
O River Jordan, you shall wash
My face with your holy water
And you shall erase, O River Jordan
The remaining footprints of the barbarians.

For Jerusalem is ours, and the house is ours
With our own hands we shall restore the glory of Jerusalem
With our own hands, we shall bring peace to Jerusalem
Peace shall come to Jerusalem


SaoirseYafa said...

I love this song!
Do you have the audio?

மேமன்கவி பக்கம் said...

i need full translaion of above song. how can i get sir. pls guide me. thanks