Monday, January 23, 2006

Preliminary Book List

A preliminary list of titles for students who want to write book reports (assignment #3)

V. Danielson, “The Voice of Egypt”: Umm Kulthum, Arabic Song, and Egyptian Society in the Twentieth Century

J. Goodman, Berber Culture On The World Stage: From Village To Video

A.J. Racy, Making Music in the Arab World: The Culture and Artistry of Tarab

M. Regev, E. Seroussi, Popular Music and National Culture in Israel

K. Shelemay, Let the Jasmine Rain Down: Song and Remembrance Among Syrian Jews

M. Stokes, The Arabesque Debate: Music And Musicians In Modern Turkey

S. Zuhur, Asmahan’s Secrets: Woman, War, and Song

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Schedule of Readings

ANTH 3903/3923H Middle Eastern Popular Music

WEEK 1 January 17-19
Introductions: the dominant

S. Blum, “Hearing the Music of the Middle East,” V. Danielson et al, eds., The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: The Middle East

V. Danielson, “Snapshot: Opening Night for a Star Performer—Umm Kulthum and Inta ‘Umri,” in Danielson et al

V. Danielson, “The Arab Middle East” in P. Manuel, ed., Popular Musics of the Non-Western World

“The Umm Kulthum Nobody Knows,” in E. Fernea & B. Bezirgan, Middle Eastern Muslim Women Speak

WEEK 2 January 24-26

L.J. Jones, “North Africa: Overview,” in Danielson et al

Start Marc Schade-Poulsen, Men and Popular Music in Algeria

WEEK 3 January 31-February 2 Rai

Finish Schade-Poulsen

WEEK 4 February 7-9 Rai & World Music

B. Mazouzi, “Rai,” in Danielson et al

J. Gross et al, “Rai, Rap and Ramadan Nights,” in S. Lavie & T. Swedenburg, Displacement, Diaspora and the Geographies of Identity

L. Werner, “Arab Pop on the World Stage”

P. Bohlman, World Music: A Very Short Introduction (excerpts)

A. Morgan, “Rai: Music Under Fire,” in The Rough Guide to World Music, vol. 1

WEEK 5 February 14-16

P. Schuyler, "Review of Gnawa Leila"

P. Schuyler, “Music and Meaning among the Gnawa Religious Brotherhood of Morocco,” The World of Music 23.1, 1981

D. Kapchan, “Music in Performance: Following the Entranced Ones,” in Danielson et al

D. Kapchan, “Possessing Gnawa Culture

T. Fuson
, “Gimme the One Who’s Going: Trance, Groove and Interaction on the Gnawa Ritual Floor”

D. Kapchan, "Moroccan Gnawa and Transglobal Trance," Expedition 46.1, 2004

WEEK 6 February 21-23 Jajouka

P. Schuyler, “Joujouka/Jajouka/Zahjoukah: Moroccan Music and Euro-American Imagination

W.S. Burroughs, Liner notes to Apocalypse Across the Sky

R. Palmer, “Into the Mystic: Secluded in the Mountains of Morocco, the Master Musicians of Joujouka Have Been Casting Musical Spells for Centuries”

T. Fuson, “Renewed Pandemonium: The Continuing Legend of the Master Musicians of Jajouka

WEEK 7 February 28-March 2 Sufi

M. Frishkopf, liner notes to Music of the Sufi Inshad: Shaykh Yasin al-Tuhami

M. Frishkopf, “Snapshot: Shaykh Yasin al-Tuhami,” in Danielson et al

M. Frishkopf, “Tarab (‘Enchantment’) in the Mystic Sufi Chant of Egypt” in S. Zuhur, Colors of Enchantment: Visual and Performing Arts of the Middle East

M. Frishkopf, “al-Inshad al-Dini (Islamic religious singing) in Egypt,” in Danielson et al

M. Frishkopf, "Inshad Dini and Aghani Diniyya in Twentieth Century Egypt: A Review of Styles, Genres, and Available Recordings." Middle East Studies Association Bulletin, Winter 2000

WEEK 8 March 7-9 Spirituality cont’d

J. Shannon, “Sultans of Spin: Syrian Sacred Music on the World Stage”

WEEK 9 March 14-16 Arab Jewish Music

A. Horowitz, “Israeli Mediterranean Music,” in Danielson et al

A. Horowitz, “Snapshot: Mizrahi Music in Israel,” in Danielson et al

A. Horowitz, “Dueling Nativities: Zehava Ben Sings Umm Kulthum,” in R. Stein & T. Swedenburg, Palestine, Israel & the Politics of Popular Culture

B. Brinner, “Beyond Israelis vs. Palestinians or Jews vs. Arabs: The Social Ramifications of Musical Interaction

M. Regev, “Musica Mizrakhit: Israeli Rock and National Culture in Israel,” Popular Music 15 (3), 1996

WEEK 10 March 28-30 Arab Jewish pop: Dana International

T. Swedenburg, “Sa‘ida Sultan/Danna International: Transgender Pop and the Polysemiotics of Sex, Nation, and Ethnicity on the Israeli-Egyptian Border

Y. Ben-Zvi, “Zionist Lesbianism and Transsexual Transgression”

C. Vancil, “Shushu, Zumzum, and Sumsum: Dana International and the Politics of the Other”

L. Moriel, “Diva in the promised land: a blue-print for newspeak?” World Englishes 17/2, July 1998

Check out the Non-official Dana website

WEEK 11 April 4-6 Arab Jewish pop continued

T. Swedenburg, “Against Hybridity: The Case of Enrico Macias/Gaston Ghrenassia,” in R. Stein & T. Swedenburg, Palestine, Israel & the Politics of Popular Culture

WEEK 12 April 11-13 Nubia

T. Swedenburg, “Nubian Music in Cairo,” in Danielson et al

L. Werner, “Music of the World”

R. Fernea & A. Rouchdy, “Contemporary Egyptian Nubians”

E. Smith, “Place, Class, and Race in the Barabra CafĂ©: Nubians in Egyptian Media”

WEEK 13 April 18-20 Palestine

A.M. Oliver & P. Steinberg, “Popular Music of the Intifada,” in Danielson et al

J. Massad, “Liberating Songs: Palestine Put to Music,” in R. Stein & T. Swedenburg, Palestine, Israel & the Politics of Popular Culture

“Improvisation and Community: The Music of Sabreen

Newspaper articles about Palestinian hip-hop TBA

WEEK 14 April 25-27 Egypt

V. Danielson, “Stardom in Egyptian Music: Four Case Studies,” in Danielson et al

K. Zirbel, “Playing It Both Ways: Local Egyptian Performers between Regional Identity and International Markets

J. Gordon, “The Nightingale and the Ra’is: Abd al-Halim Hafiz and Nasserist Longings,” in E. Podeh & O. Winckler, Rethinking Nasserism: Revolution and Historical Memory in Egypt

J. Gordon, “Singing the Pulse of the Egyptian-Arab Street: Shabaan Abd al-and the Geo-pop-politics of Fast Food,” Popular Music 22/1, 2003

E. Colla, “Sentimentality and Redemption: The Rhetoric of Egyptian Pop Culture Intifada Solidarity,” in R. Stein & T. Swedenburg, Palestine, Israel and the Politics of Popular Culture

WEEK 15 May 2-4 Oddities

G. Azar, “The Sultan of Surf

M. Stokes, “Turkish Rock and Pop Music,” in Danielson et al

M. Stokes, “Music in Performance: Cem Karaca, Live,” in Danielson et al