Monday, April 10, 2006

CD of Arab Jewish musicians

I will pass this CD out on April 11:

1. "Hineh Ma Tov," David and The High Spirit, The Jewish Sampler Vol. III
--This is an example of Shirei Eretz Yisrael (Songs of the Land of Israel): the hegemonic Ashkenazi popular music of Israel til at least the '70s

2. "Shir Shabbat," Nati Levi, 16 Oriental Israeli Soul Songs (vol. 3)
--An example of "Greek" sounding Mediterranean Israeli music

3. "Tipat Mazal (A Bit Of Luck)," Zehava Ben, Best Of Zehava Ben
--Zehava Ben's first big hit, "Turkish" style

4. "Hubi Ei," Zehava Ben, Best Of Zehava Ben
--Egyptian pop style

5. "Ma Yafou Dadaich - Mawal," Emil Zrihan, Ashkelon-Morroccan Mawal

6. "Ma Yafou Dadaich," Emil Zrihan, Ashkelon-Morroccan Mawal
--Zrihan is the cantor of the Ashkelon synagogue in Israel. This song is sung in Hebrew but the style is Moroccan Andalusian. The "mawal" is the vocal introduction, improvised; the instruments join in for the second part of the song. The melody is a popular song in the Andalusian repertoire, "Koum Tara." (Enrico Macias and Cheb Mami recorded it as a duet.)

7. "Ram Lechasdakh," Syrian Jews of Brooklyn, Let Jasmine Rain Down
--An example of the piyyutim, or religious poems, put to contemporary melodies.

8. "Yachid Ram," Syrian Jews of Brooklyn, Let Jasmine Rain Down
--Another example of piyyutim, this time performed in maqam bayati.

9. "Dana International (Airport Version)," Dana International, Danna International

10. "Samar Mar," Dana International, Danna International
--A version of a song originally recorded by Egyptian pop star Hasa al-Asmar

11. "Arusa," Dana International, Danna International

12. "Saida Sultana," Dana International, Danna International
--Whitney Houston ("My Name Is Not Susan") goes to Saudi Arabia

13. "Maganona," Dana International, Maganona

14. "Paid in Full (Seven Minutes of Madness - The Coldcut Re-mix)," Eric B & Rakim, Colors (Soundtrack)
--This song, which samples Ofra Haza's "Im Nin'alu," made Ofra famous

15. "Im Nin'alu," Ofra Haza, Fifty Gates of Wisdom: Yemenite Songs

16. "Salma Ya Salama - Arabic Version," Alabina, The Album Vol II
--Eti Zach (pictured) & Los Niños de Sara. This song was a big hit for French star Dalida, who was born and raised in Egypt. The Dalida version was played when Egyptian President Anwar Sadat arrived at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel on his famous 1977 "peace" visit.

17. "Lolole (Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood)," Alabina, The Album Vol II
--"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" was a 1965 hit for The Animals (#3 in England, #15 in the US). Alabina sing it in Arabic and Spanish.

18. "Inqlâb Zidane 1," Enrico Macias, Hommage À Cheikh Raymond - Volume Un
--malouf from Constantine, Algeria

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