Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lyrics for "Biladi" (Motherland) and "Ana Samid" (I Remain Steadfast)

(from Palestine Lives! Songs from the struggle of the people of Palestine, Paredon Records, 1974.)

Motherland, motherland
Fat'h is a revolution against the enemy
Palestine, the land of our forefathers
To you we will return
Fat'h is a revolution that shall win
Assifa is the hope of my motherland

Palestine, oh great love,
You are my goal and my destiny.
To you I walk, and my determination
Shall overcome oppression

Palestine, birthplace of Christ,
Destination of Muhammad's journey,
Liberate my wounded land,
Cleanse from it the usurpers.

Palestine, my only hope,
To you we shall restore
The dignity of our destitute people,
Under the banner of protracted struggle.

Palestine, your people shall not die
It shall defy silence, and Assifa
Shall keep the finger on the trigger.

Assifa walks there,
Planting the land with explosives
Loaded with destruction and doom
For every exploiter of the motherland

Samid (I Remain Steadfast)
I am steadfast, steadfast, I am steadfast
In my homeland, I am steadfast.
If they snatch away my bread, I am steadfast
If they murder my children, I am steadfast
If they blow up my house, O my house
In the shadow of your walls, I am steadfast

With pride, I am steadfast
With a stick, with a knife, I am steadfast
With the flag in my hand, I am steadfast
And if they cut off my hand and the flag
With the other hand, I am steadfast

With my field and my garden, I am steadfast
With determination in my beliefs, I am steadfast
With my nails and my teeth, I am steadfast
And if wounds in my body should multiply
With wounds and my blood, I am steadfast

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Anonymous said...

A song which celebrates violence and vengeance. It rationalizes hatred and terrorism, rather like the Nazi's "Horst Wessel Lied".