Friday, April 27, 2012

Hassan Wargui, Berber banjo from Morocco

I am completely blown away by the playing of this guy, which I learned about courtesy dj/rupture. Rupture has not written about him on his blog, so I know nothing about him. Based on his playing, it would be very cool to organize a tour for him of bluegrass venues, no? Love to see him doing his stuff on the Fayetteville town square during farmers market...

Oh, and the song comes with a translation of the Tamazight lyrics into Arabic!

UPDATE (May 9): See comments from dj/rupture with links and more info. Thanks, rupture, don't know why I couldn't find anything previously!

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Jace /rupture said...

This is Hassan Wargui. He is an incredible musician. I've written about him quite a bit on my blog actually -- from this video filmed around our concert in Tangiers to making his album available outside of Morocco.

This overview post at the Beyond Digital site provides further info on Wargui's work.