Monday, November 21, 2011

Five Sufi Hadras in Egypt

Here is footage of five Sufi hadras, courtesy ethnomusicologist Michael Frischkopft, filmed 1996-1998.

Five Sufi hadras: Sufi chanting in Egypt 1996-1998 from Michael Frishkopf on Vimeo.

This is extremely useful, especially because Michael translated the lyrics of the chants.

The most interesting footage, to my mind, is that of the munshid Shaykh Yasin al-Tuhami, who is simply terrific, and is a real superstar in Egypt. Thousands and thousands of people show up whenever he performs. I've seen him perform twice at mulids in Cairo, and once at the Festival of Sacred Music in Fez. I highly recommend the one CD of Shaykh Yasin that is available in the US, The Magic of the Sufi Inshad. He has released many, many cassettes in Egypt, many of which I purchased when I live there. I assume that they are now available there on CD.

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