Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Speed Caravan Live, feat. Mehdi Haddab on oud, "Galvanize"


Great 'ud playing from Speed Caravan's Mehdi Haddab, ex-Ekova, and currently also 1/2 of DuOud. The percussionist, Mohamed Bouamar, formerly played with Natacha Atlas.


Anonymous said...

What's your pick for best Middle East album of the year?

Ted Swedenburg said...

I like this one and Natacha Atlas' Mounqaliba.

Anonymous said...

I really like the album Guarana Superpower by Hayvanlar Alemi. Some of it reminds me of Capt. Beefheart, but on less speed and a heavier dose of surf. You can listen to their stuff on their my space page:

to be shaken at sth. said...

Hey Professor.

Don't you find it a little bit schizophrenic to be an Anthropologist and at the same time having a blog dedicated to the distribution of the material that helps to subvert, erode and dilute the uniqueness and cultural heritage of those peoples?

Shouldn't you be concerned about conservation and going the reverse way?
That means, not looking at what the global consumer-oriented music industry produces according to its own logic today, but going back in time?

Finding the roots?

I must have misunderstood Anthropology as a whole...

Yes, i can say it openly, i personally don't like the pop-crappe you are so interested in. It's absolute low quality.
The continuation of this process of production can only lead to the blending of all that once was unique and enjoyable into a cheap piece of plastic sludge where the contemporary music from Jemen sounds no different than that of Brazil or Italy.

Want an example?

Zeid Hamdan in the video posted a while ago opens with a group of young (!) people playing football.
Football is a perfect example for the global corrosion that is taking place.
Once these people had their own sports, absolutely unique to their history and cultural heritage and where locally rooted.
Today these traditions are being displaced by Football, Basketball, Hockey etc. etc.

Heck, the video even shows a friggin CAPOEIRA group!

And an old man in quasi-pornographic poses.

How far can you go
as a whore of the cultural industry?

How cheap and laughable can it get?

I guess as long as you add in a politically correct pseudo-message as concealment, anything goes...

I can't believe people are actually attracted by this insipidness!

What, dear Professor who is awfully busy documenting the decay of the middle eastern culture,
is your goal?

What is the raison d'etre of this blog?

P.S.: I am not being rude, i am being frank.
Looking forward to seeing answers to my questions and allegations.