Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bawdy Moroccan Music: Taixor and Berkaniya

I found this by reading some comments on 'Aqoul. Check out this uploaded telecast of Moroccan artists Taixor and Berkaniya singing "Khalli babak mahloul" (Leave your door open). Here's the translation of the lyrics, courtesy of Faycal:

Taixor (the guy) : Leave your door open; I am planning on spending the night. You know I am crazy. I am wild about girls.

Berkaniya (the girl) : Consider it your home. Do come, you are very welcome. If the door’s locked just knock and I’ll open it.

Taixor : I am afraid of the neighbors ! If they tell my wife, she’s going to make a scene.

Berkaniya : Come at midnight when everyone’s asleep. Don’t bring the car. That way you don’t make any noise.

Taixor : I will take the bus and walk the rest of the way. If the police catch us, tell them that I am your husband.

Berkaniya: Don’t worry about the cops or the gendarmes. My uncle is a superintendent. He’ll settle the situation.

Taixor : I will bring a Coke or some juices, and if I can maybe some beers too.

Berkaniya : I don’t want to drink. Just bring enough for you. I just crave some bread and some kefta (ground meat)

And Faycal comments: "what really struck me while translating was the last line. A girl saying: I just want some bread and meat. It's shocking not only because I don't see a western girl saying that, I don't see a bourgeois arab girl saying it either. This rabelaisian gluttony is really only acceptable within the innards of popular culture (culture populaire)."

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