Monday, July 31, 2006

Algerian Hip-Hop: MBS

From, a piece by Arian Fariborz on Algerian rap group MBS (Le Micro Brise Le Silence). MBS dates the origins of rap in Algeria to the urban uprisings of 1988. I have a copy of the group's only CD released in the US, Le Micro Brise Le Silence, which is fabulous. I've not heard Rabah President, discussed here.

"In its country of origin, hip hop culture now seems to mean little more than hedonism, conspicuous consumption, and illusory ideas about violence and sex. In Algeria, the almost-forgotten potential of that culture is audible once again. Here, rap means speaking about reality, about an everyday life that is often frankly depressing, about political injustice, terror and war."

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