Sunday, March 12, 2006

Selim Nassib's novel about Umm Kalthoum

Today's New York Times Book Review contains a review of Selim Nassib's novel I Loved You For Your Voice, a fictionalized account of poet and lyricist Ahmed Rami for the great Egyptian diva, Umm Kalthoum. Here's what's interesting about the review is that it recommends the following: "Readers interested in the powerful story of Kalthoum's life would do better to read [Virginia] Danielson's intelligent and moving biography, 'The Voice of Egypt.'"

Bravo for Ginny!

(But does her book contain details such as these, which reviewer Lorraine Adams apparently derives from Nassib's text: As Om's popularity grows, rumors about her personal life dog her. Why is she celibate? Is she a lesbian?")

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