Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"Aicha": Outlandish, Gellieman

Yesterday in class I showed the music video of Khaled's "Aicha," on a DVD which comes with the import version of Khaled's latest release, Ya-Rayi. (The DVD also includes the clips for "Didi" and "Abdel Kader," as well as a great documentary about Khaled's career and the making of Ya-Rayi.)

Some of my students said they knew the song Aicha courtesy of an underground video that swept the internet a couple years ago. The video they had seen features a Belgian teenager named "Gellieman," lipsynching to a recording of Aicha put out by the Danish R&B group, Outlandish (pictured above). Outlandish's members are: Isam Bachiri (of Moroccan origin), Waqas Ali Qadri (Pakistani origin), and Lenny Martinez (Honduran origin). (I don't know how these guys are faring in the wake of the Danish cartoon uproar.)

You can view the Gellieman video here. Outlandish's "Aicha" video can be seen at the band's website. Go to "Media" and then to "Videos."

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